About the Artist

David Lewin

Nature is the force that drives my work. If we pay attention and really look, a multitude of natural forms, textures, and colors surround us. Really looking is not a typical day-to-day activity. In our busy lives, we tend to rush, focus on where we are going, and usually do not notice the visual complexity and richness of where we are.

As an artist, I take the time to look around me. Some things would be considered grotesque, but they still can hold amazing—or even beautiful—elements, colors or form. The pattern of a reptile's scales, tree bark, wood grain, the colors and markings of tropical fish—these are all perfectly executed visual images that I collect and interpret in my work. Creating and building in my studio, I seek to retain that spark of inspiration from nature, and imbue the object with the sensory excitement of my observations.

Whether labeled artistic or functional, whatever humans design or create is directly connected to nature. When I create a piece, my goal is to capture a moment, highlight an idea, and present an opportunity for the viewer to look—really look—and be inspired to take a more mindful look at the world around them.


David returned to northern California in 2007 after 23 years on the east coast. Previously, he worked in hot glass, both blown and hand-sculpted, and produced work for David Lewin Glass Design, which he founded in 1988. In his art glass studio in Philadelphia, he designed and created functional and sculptural work that has been recognized for its unique use of color in rich combinations and for its sensual, naturalistic forms. David's works of sculpture are exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and are in collections internationally.

David has taught three-dimensional design, was Instructor and Artist in Residence at the Tokyo Glass Art Institute in Japan, and was a Printmaking  Instructor at the De Young Museum Art School in San Francisco. He received a Mid Atlantic NEA Regional Grant, was twice a grant recipient of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, and recipient of a Creative Glass Center of America Fellowship Award.

He holds a BA in Painting and Printmaking from San Francisco State University (1978), and an MFA in Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute (1981).